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What Are the Different Types of Incense Part I

Whether you are new to buying and using incense and aromatics, or if you have been doing it for a while, it is good to know what different forms of incense are out there. Incense can be divided into categories depending on how it is made and formed. It is important to know that how it is made can influence how long it burns.

Stick Incense: Stick incense is perhaps the most common type of incense in the Western world.  It consists of a thin stick that is hand rolled or pressed with gums, resins, herbs and aromatic oils.  One example of this is Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa stick incense.  There are some incenses, such as Morning Star Incenses, which are made without a stick.  The incense is simply a solid core of incense that burns.
Spiral Incense   Spiral Incense-some of the longest burning incense

Spiral Incense: Spiral incense is dense, twisted incense formed into a thick spiral.  It is burnt by hanging from a special burner or hook, or supported on a pillar type piece in an incense burner.  Burning time varies from hours to many days in length.  This incense is used in Taoist temples and other temples throughout Asia.  It is often used to promote unity with the Divine, meditation and prayer because of its’ long burning properties.  It is recommended for large spaces or places with many smaller passages or rooms.  One spiral incense I would really love to try comes from The Purple People at  I don’t necessarily subscribe to their spirituality, but I have heard they make wonderful incense.

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