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Some thoughts on Herbal Incense


What Herbal Incense is

photo courtesy of Rob Ostermaier/Daily Press in the Washington Post

Herbal incense, Spice, Herbal smoke-it all adds up to designer drugs sprayed on herbs that people inhale in order to alter consciousness.  It has been linked to deaths, seizures, hallucinations, vomiting, anxiety and accelerated heart rate.  It is the second most used illicit substance among high school seniors.

What Herbal Incense is not

Herbal incense is not sold by Violet and Company.  In my opinion, herbal incense should not even be called incense because it is not.

Incense is a sacred substance among many of the worlds religions including Hinduism, Neo-Paganism and Buddhism.  True incense has been used, prepared and traded for hundreds of years.  True incense is used by the intelligent, courageous and spiritual to forge ahead on roads less travelled by most.  Herbal incense is a cheap substitute used by those without knowledge in their innocent attempt to learn what meditation, reading, study and observation would teach.

We at Violet and Company urge anyone thinking about using Herbal incense, thinking it is a “natural substance” and thus is OK, to think deep and long about this.  Putting chemical substances of unknown origin into the body may be seriously polluting your vehicle and your consciousness.  Herbal incense has been linked to the deaths of young people and has caused seizures and other serious mental health issues.  Five minutes of altered consciousness is not worth death or permanent damage to the mind.

Every individual and every being on this earth is unique and important.  The things that each of us have to offer to this world are unique to ourselves and can’t be provided or offered by anyone else.  We are all essential.  It is important to keep the body healthy and the mind clear so that we can each fulfill our unique destiny, whatever that may be.

A good place to start in the pursuit of the exploration of your unique gifts is an online magazine such as Tathaastu magazine, which is a Sanskrit benediction for “it shall be so” or “so be it”.  Tathaastu is an affirmation as well as an expression of a desire.  Tathaastu magazine explores and introduces the ideas of health, wellness and the exploration of true and deep relationships.  It addresses the teaching of how to tap into your own personal power-these are all things that lead to peace, joy, happiness, prosperity, feeling confident and relaxed.  Basically all of the things that those who use Herbal Incense seek to find, but do not know how to get.


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