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New Sage Smudges Just in Time for Fall

We have new sage smudges for the harvest season!  We also have fresh Cedar, Juniper, Desert Sage and Sweetgrass for smudging.  It is a good way to start the fall season, get your home ready for guests and lots of indoor activities!

Picture of Burning Juniper Smudge Stick

Burning Juniper Smudge Stick


Happy Solstice from Violet and Company!

Happy Summer Solstice!  Dance, sing, be happy, be warm!  Eat greens and be with friends!  Burn jumbo Citronella incenses to keep the critters away and go to festivals!

Sacred Feather Sage on sale just in time for Summer Solstice!

8 inch sacred sage bundles

8 inch sacred sage bundles

Grey sage or sacred feather sage is used by some in smudging ceremonies.  Some say it is less potent than white sage; some prefer it.  Give it a try, you might just love it! On sale at Violet and Company for $4.00 for an 8 inch stick.  Leave a comment and let us know which sage you love and why!

California White Sage, Cedar and Sweetgrass

Just in time for fall! We have put together a great little bundle….8 inch California Sage Smudge, 8 inch Cedar Smudge and 24 inch Sweetgrass braid. Everything you need for your fall festivities in one place.   At just $10.00

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