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Eiju-Spicy Sandalwood Incense by Nippon Kodo

Eiju Long Eiju Spicy Sandalwood Incense by Nippon Kodo is a long stick sandalwood, with clove, cinnamon or other spicy additions.  It is an amazing incense, most  unlike any typical incense.  Eiju comes in 70 stick packs and each stick burns approximately 55 minutes.  You can find the incense here.  $16.00 from Violet and Company Incense.  As always, $35 worth of purchases gets you free shipping on the entire order.


Tibetan Rose (Gulab) Incense by Mandala Art and Incense-Nepal

to be immersed in a scent world,

even temporarily,

is to shift your consciousness

and to awaken to the moment more fully.  

~Mandy Aftel, Essence and Alchemy


We just got  Mandala Art and Incense’s Tibetan Rose (Gulab) incense, straight from Nepal.  This incense is incredible.  It is earthy and subtle with a good infusion of rose.  There is a muskiness about it that offsets the sweetness of the rose, creating a subtle balance.  The incense comes in a paper tube, with 30 sticks of incense inside.  It also contains a burner.  Each stick burns for approximately 60 minutes.

Be careful with this incense, it is delicate.  It is stickless, so the upside is that if it does break, you can just burn it in smaller chunks and none is wasted.

The incense does come with a burner, but our favorite way to burn it is in a bowl full of small rocks.  We put the incense in between the rocks to hold it up.  Some people use small bowls full of rice or sand to hold up their incense and burn multiple sticks at a time.

According to the manufacturer, Rose is a symbol of love and purity and Buddhists use it as an aid to meditation and prayer.  In aromatherapy, it is used to sooth emotions  such as sadness and resentment.

Photo of Rose (Gulab) incense

Photo of Rose (Gulab) incense



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