Me-Tok-Ma The Flower Goddess

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Me-Tok-Ma Incense “We pray that your purchase and use of this incense will be beneficial to all beings.”

Me Tok Ma Dakini Incense by Siddharth Incenses is a tribute to the Dakini (Goddess) Me Tok Ma (the Flower Goddess).  It is made by Siddharth Incense, who added the prayer I put into the title of this blog post to their incense package.  We just received a new shipment from Nepal and Me-Tok-Ma Incense can be found here: ME-TOK-MA at Violet and Company Incense.

This incense is beautiful in thought and creation.  It is made with Kesar (Saffron), Tsampaka (White Champak-a sort of magnolia that is EXTREMELY FRAGRANT) and Pangpoey.  I could not figure out what Pangpoey is, so if anyone knows, please put it into the comments.   The incense is also made with other traditional Tibetan herbs according to the Men Ngak formula.

Thinking about Me-Tok-Ma Incense, and the prayer that comes with it, reminds me that the prayer that all beings benefit from even my smallest action is a blessing that is free to give-and yet  invaluable. It reminds me that the smallest, most ordinary action can indeed make a difference in the well-being of all beings.

Live with intention, don’t postpone and be happy.  This is beneficial to all beings.

Dakini Me Tok Ma The Flower Goddess Incense by Siddharth Incenses


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