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Incense for Breakfast, Episode 1: Golden Buddha by Vijayshree Fragrance Incense Review

Gokden Buddha incense review

Incense for Breakfast, Episode 1 Golden Buddha 

For a few weeks now I have had the dream of creating daily YouTube content around incense and positive thoughts.  So I created Incense For Breakfast where we can take a little time in the morning, think about our lives and set powerful and positive intentions for the day while we talk about incense.  Hopefully you will light an incense too.  ☺

The first episode reviews Golden Buddha by Vijayshree Fragrance.  If you click on the picture above it will take you to our YouTube channel.  Or you can click here.  Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it and playing with the Golden Buddha incense. You can find the incense at


What the world needs now is…for you to be who you are.

Be gentle…don’t scare the bread…and Sunandaraja Incense

This morning in my inbox, I found the most wonderful and true quote in Lisa Coffey’s daily mail.  It went something like this…

the bread you meet each day
is still rising
Don’t scare the dough.

-Macrina Wiederkehr, 1979

Our lives are a work in progress. We’re all doing the best we can. It helps to be nurturing, and encouraging to one another. But if we can’t do that, the least we can do is to be gentle. Allow for the process to happen.”-Lisa Coffey

This is so true, especially in the way that we talk to ourselves and what we believe about ourselves.  You never know where this path will take you.  The best thing to do is follow what your gut tells you to do and do it with all your might and don’t stop-for anything.  Appreciate yourself and be understanding of yourself.  Be amazed as you watch hard work and tenacity give way to your future!

Every day at Violet and Company Incense we burn incense to focus the mind to the positive and Sunandaraja incense is one of our favorites.  If you haven’t tried it, go ahead!  This little bundle of incense is great.  The scent somehow pulls the mind towards highest aspirations and leaves the mundane behind.

Sunandaraja Incense from Violet and Company Incense, $.60/11 stick bundle

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