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Good Luck

“Good Luck is another name for tenacity of purpose”   -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Yes, Mr. Ralph Waldo…..Good luck is something that comes to us because we follow through with our plans, we have that stick-to-it-ness that we need to reach our goals through work.

But what gives us that ability to stick with it, to believe, to have enough faith that if we do one thing and then another, we will get the result we are looking for.  One thing is surrounding ourselves with people who give us positive feedback and  remind us that we can do it!  Life is too short to listen to negative comments.

Another is having things in our lives that remind us that we can do it and fill our mental and physical space with the reminder of what is possible if we continue.  This could be a good luck charm, a photo, a daily affirmation, or, we use incense.  Finding a favorite scent which transports you, finding a “good luck” incense that imparts subtle magic of luck and love, can all be helpful.

These are not the physical bringers of luck or love, but they allow us to focus our minds on the goal and thus put our energy towards it, giving us the “tenacity of purpose” that Emerson talks about.

Give HEM’s Good Luck incense a try for reminders of luck, love and everything that goes along with the belief in yourself!

HEM Good Luck Incense, $1.00/20 stick hex pack from Violet and Company Incense.

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