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Incense for Breakfast, Episode 1: Golden Buddha by Vijayshree Fragrance Incense Review

Gokden Buddha incense review

Incense for Breakfast, Episode 1 Golden Buddha 

For a few weeks now I have had the dream of creating daily YouTube content around incense and positive thoughts.  So I created Incense For Breakfast where we can take a little time in the morning, think about our lives and set powerful and positive intentions for the day while we talk about incense.  Hopefully you will light an incense too.  ☺

The first episode reviews Golden Buddha by Vijayshree Fragrance.  If you click on the picture above it will take you to our YouTube channel.  Or you can click here.  Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it and playing with the Golden Buddha incense. You can find the incense at


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Ma Laxmi Dhoop-The Goddess of Wealth

Ma Laxmi Dhoop-The Goddess of Wealth, is a traditional Nepali dhoop made by Traditional Nepali Dhoop Pvt. Ltd, Nepal.  This dhoop is made in the traditional masala method, using essential oils, spices, flowers and aromatic herbs.

Ma Laxmi is the goddess of wealth, and this dhoop, although it has the earthy aroma of traditional tibetan incense, has a light flowery side.  Flowers are a perfect offering to the beautiful, kind heart of Ma Laxmi.  Kindness, love, compassion & gentleness go hand in hand.  They are what true beauty is made of.

Violet and Company Incense imports this Dhoop directly from Nepal so it is always fresh.

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