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Incense for Breakfast, Episode 1: Golden Buddha by Vijayshree Fragrance Incense Review

Gokden Buddha incense review

Incense for Breakfast, Episode 1 Golden Buddha 

For a few weeks now I have had the dream of creating daily YouTube content around incense and positive thoughts.  So I created Incense For Breakfast where we can take a little time in the morning, think about our lives and set powerful and positive intentions for the day while we talk about incense.  Hopefully you will light an incense too.  ☺

The first episode reviews Golden Buddha by Vijayshree Fragrance.  If you click on the picture above it will take you to our YouTube channel.  Or you can click here.  Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it and playing with the Golden Buddha incense. You can find the incense at


Tis the season for granular incense-We h

Tis the season for granular incense-We have a wide selection. Uploading special Ethiopian Frankincense soon.

The Forebreath

This is a wonderful tapestry of thoughts about scent, time and mindfulness. Too good not to share!


bcdc948adc37e110c35725508e3ee0bb“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”
Søren Kierkegaard

There is a scent on the wind that unearths the past. It whispers tales of forgotten lands once traveled yet faded to the far corners of the mind. It conjures ancient memory, times long removed from us, but inherently part of who we are. This is the petrichor of the mind, revisiting us on the winds of life.

It is said that the olfactory is one of the more primitive parts of the human body. With one scent we can recall a specific day of our past, a perfectly visited moment spurred to the front of the mind.

Sometimes, the past travels on the wind. A stoic reminder of life lived yesterday.

I am often reminded of specific things; a day at track practice or a time spent walking by the creek bank. Sometimes it’s…

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Wonderful things to think about from Pastel Pickle

Life Force: the Self –

New Batch of Dread Spread


We just finished a new batch of Humboldt Head Dread spread.  It really does wonders for dreads, is vegan and petroleum product free.  Made with vegetable wax, essential oils, vegetable butters and seed oil, your dreads will thank you!  Catch this on our Etsy Shop or

What the world needs now is…for you to be who you are.

Happy Solstice from Violet and Company!

Happy Summer Solstice!  Dance, sing, be happy, be warm!  Eat greens and be with friends!  Burn jumbo Citronella incenses to keep the critters away and go to festivals!

Henna on Sale just in time for Summer!

photo of Hand with henna on it from National Geographic

Henna Hand, from National Geographic, Photo by Cary Wolinsky

Henna sale at Violet and Company! Perfect summer beauty compliment for skin and hair!  Add some cranberry juice to get a really red color for hair…Natural and ancient, it is the perfect compliment to your summer look.

Recognize Joy

Yellow is a color that makes one think of joy.  Yellow roses, yellow acacia flowers, yellow sunshine.  Our eye is attracted to yellow out in nature.  Our spirit is attracted to joy.

Photo by Miluz

Photo by Miluz

The Place where the Light Comes In…

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ~rumi

A week ago yesterday I was confronted with devastating news.  This information had no understanding, no good side, no rhyme or reason and, quite simply, I gave up.  I was ready to close our little company, ready to just stop trying and quit everything that I loved.

Then I got emails, texts, Facebook messages, all encouraging Violet and I, even though none of our customers really knew the whole story of what had happened.  I wanted to thank you all for that encouragement and the example that I see in so many of you who are faced with loss.  I am blessed that you have shared with me your stories, your tenacity, your compassionate spirit and your strength in the face of tragedy.  Thanks to you and supportive family, Violet and Company Incense will be able to continue.  I have found my Hope again-as Rumi implied in his quote above~the Light is starting to enter again…I can breathe again.  The store will reopen on 2/15/13 after inventory has been completed~if not before.

Louise Hay Opportunity Power Thought Card

Thank you to Louise Hay for this encouraging Power Thought Card

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