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See Yourself in Everyone

Buddha in Earh Touching Mudra

“Continue practicing until you see yourself in the cruelest person on Earth, in the child starving, in the political prisoner. Practice until you recognize yourself in everyone in the supermarket, on the street corner, in a concentration camp, on a leaf, in a dewdrop. Meditate until you see yourself in a speck of dust in a distant galaxy. See and listen with the whole of your being.

If you are fully present, the rain of Dharma will water the deepest seeds in your consciousness, and tomorrow, while you are washing the dishes or looking at the blue sky, that seed will spring forth, and love and understanding will appear as a beautiful flower.”

~ Thich Nhat Hanh ~

Statue of Buddha in Earth Touching Mudra at Violet and Company Incense


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Being Good

“As a peacemaker the lawyer has superior opportunity of being a good man.  There will still be business enough.” -Abraham Lincoln

Large Seated Buddha, 25 inches tall

I know a lawyer who really is a good man.

He appears to be kind and fair to every person, no matter who they are.

When he is spoken to, he seems to listen, no matter who is speaking to him.

He seems to strive for justice for all people and does his job with heart.

May we all be a good man, like he is.

Be kind and fair, listen when spoken to and do our jobs with heart and soul

-this is enough to change the world.


The Happy Buddha

Just in time for Spring, this happy Buddha will put a smile on your face! 

He holds the beggars bowl and  reminds us that there is always plenty to sustain us and support us in the world. 

This Buddha was content and had abundance through the good fortune that he drew to himself. 

You will find the Happy Buddha in the home and office. 

His full belly denotes abundance, success and joy. 

Placement of the Happy Buddha  in our environment can bring good luck, abundance and joy
because his presence turns our thoughts to these things! 

Stay positive!

You can find this Buddha here

He is 11 inches high and 8 inches wide, made of ceramic and quite affordable at just $16.00

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