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Which Scents are Calming


Like the Lemongrass Essential Oil from Auroshikha, there are several scents that have a calming effect on people.  Calm and agitation all begin in the brain with a release of chemicals in response to a thought or situation. It goes to reason that there are things that trigger a calming response and one of those is scent. Scent is a powerful initiator of memory and emotion. Scents can be delivered using different vehicles such as via incense, via essential oil in a burner, via essential oil put on the body or through simmering whole herb in water *steam method*.  Each delivery method has different results depending on the system used and the person using it.

Some scents used to initiate a calming response in the body are Lavender, Chamomile, Lemongrass, Sandalwood (promotes calm by encouraging a singular focus, thus quieting an excited mind) or really whatever else calms you.  Perhaps a certain scent evokes memory of happy times and places.  Just that happy memory will release the “happy chemicals” in the brain and calm agitation.

The vehicle you choose to deliver the scent can also play a part in the calming process.  Sometimes watching a single, wispy, strand of incense smoke curl up into the air is enough to calm the mind and body.  Some people don’t like smoke and prefer a water bath essential oil burner.  Sometimes, if you are going to be out and about, enveloping yourself in a protective atmosphere of scent can provide that portable calming scent that is needed to get through stressful situations.  Sometimes it is nice just to put a tiny bit of essential oil in with your face cream and apply it to the face or apply some to your hair so only you can smell it.

It is amazing what scent can do for you in your daily life.  It can reduce stress and initiate calm when you need it.  It can also be used in many different forms and ways.  Let your own inner voice guide you as to what and how to use scent in your life.  Life is what you make it; you have choices so why not make it great?  As always be safe with using essential oils and only use oils and incense as directed.

Please leave a comment and let us know what scent you use to encourage that calming response in you!


Lemongrass Essential Oil to the Rescue!



Genus Species : Cymbopogon flexuosus

The genus species is important because there are many, many types of Lemongrass but this one is used on the body and in the body.  So when you buy lemongrass oil shop by name (lemongrass) and genus species. 

Lemongrass is a good antioxidant.  It has also been used to help with muscle, joint and tendon pain.  It is a relaxant and relaxes nerves and muscles so can help with some types of pain.  Like lavender essential oil does.  Here at Violet and Company we use it diluted 20:80 (20 drops essential oil to 80 drops vegetable oil like a sweet almond or grapeseed oil- but you can also use olive oil in a pinch).  Then we rub it on the affected muscle or area. 

There are many other documented uses for Lemongrass essential oil such as a mental pick me up.  Some use lemongrass to brighten the mood.

Of course you can also drink lemongrass tea.  It is a calming and uplifting tea that is good iced in summer months.  The tea is made using the dried plant.

Oh, by the way, don’t use this oil on a cat or dog without talking to a vet first.  Cats especially don’t do well with citrus essential oils.

You can buy the essential oil here

Mysore Sandalwood Soap, 150 grams

Bar of Mysore Sandal Soap 150g

Mysore Sandal Soap 150g


We have sold so many of these lately!  Mysore Sandal soap, 150 gram size, made with pure sandalwood oil.  It really beautifies the skin and makes one smell divine.  Only $3.00 at Violet and Company Incense

It is your time to shine!

This is your time to shine!  Free yourself and open your spirit and don’t hold back!  Dab on some essential rose oil by Auroshikha, burn some Super Hit incense -scent does wonders for inspiration.

Affirm yourself and run with it!

Race for Life Time to Shine photo by Vinoth Chandar

Lemongrass Essential Oil and Joy

Today athletes use all sorts of things to get better in their sport, for example vitamins or special machines to measure oxygen content in the blood.  We use drugs to take away our depression, we take medicine to lower our blood pressure.  What about using our sense of smell?

Our sense of smell is one vehicle that is available to us to use to influence our bodies and our mood and enhance our performance.  Our brains are wired for smell.  Smell is one of the most powerful senses that we have. Scent has been used for centuries to enhance performance, sharpen the mind and  focus the energy.

Try sandalwood to focus the mind and calm.  Try rose to open the heart and bring a loving atmosphere. Try lemongrass for joy and energy today!  Auroshikha makes a great essential oil of lemongrass-just a few drops in a diffuser does wonders!

Photo by Martin Talbot

Photo by Martin Talbot


Joy comes in many shapes and sizes every day.  Sometimes it is just a delight in seeing a friend or hearing favorite music.  Whatever brings you joy, do it and do it often.  When you are happy and joyful, others are more inclined to be so too!  Joy is a gift you give to yourself and to others around you…

Scent helps to bring joy and change perspective.  Try taking an incense break or smelling a favorite perfume or essential oil.  Keep a little bit of resin in your desk at work or your car and do some scent therapy whenever needed.  It can really make a difference in your day!

Photo of joyful boy

Photo by Vinoth Chandar

Frankincense Essential Oil and Meditation

Frankincense is a wonderful scent to use for meditation.  It is calming and helps to focus. Frankincense is also great for studying, writing, creating a calm space and creating a peaceful atmosphere. There are many other uses for Frankincense, but if you are smoke sensitive or just prefer using different methods than incense and pure resins, consider essential oils!  We have wonderful oil burners at Violet and Company Incense and you can easily get the benefits of Frankincense using essential oil, a little water and an oil burner.  What a great way to enhance your mediation!

Frankincense essential oil

Frankincense essential oil by Auroshikha

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Kyara Deluxe Incense by Nippon Kodo

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Burning Incense courtesy of WikiCommons

Rose Oil and the Biggest Risks

“Without risk, faith is an impossibility.”  ~Soren Kierkegaard

Large bottle of Pre-Blended Rose Essential Oil from Violet and Company Incense, $15.50

Sometimes, in this life, kindness, understanding and compassion is the biggest risk we can take.  It is sometimes easier and much less scary to be: professional, cold, in a hurry, calculating, distracted, angry, disgruntled, begrudging, offended…the list could go on and on.

What kind of risk do we take when we meet each other face to face with no pretense, just person to person, unafraid to be delighted, hugged, overjoyed, surprised, hurt, happy, giggly, amazed, appreciative, compassionate, successful?

Well, we take a big risk.  Being open, happy, gentle and compassionate is not easy but, luckily, like the Fool in tarot, if we step off of that emotional cliff with faith, we are almost always greeted with a soft landing and incredible rewards.

For centuries, Rose oil has been associated with love, drawing love and joy.  Auroshika Rose Oil at Violet and Company incense is pre-blended essential oil of rose, just right for taking those big risks that bring the biggest rewards.  Put a little on and see if it changes the course of your day!

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